TotGuard’s hand-lift children’s study desks and chairs are ergonomically designed to solve the contradiction between children’s growing height and the fixed height of desks and chairs, so that children can have a suitable study desks and chair at every stage of their growth. Let them have a good habit of learning.

As parents, when our children are young, we all hope that they can learn the foundation of their lives, but we can not replace them in growing, learning, and working. However, we can create a good family learning environment for them, so that children can develop good habits in a subtle way.Grow into a person of value to society and family.

As a company, TotGuard firmly believes that the environment affects the growth and future of children’s. Therefore, we are committed to creating a healthy learning environment for children, always practicing the concept of "education is cultivating habits", using humanized design to cultivate children's independence, stimulate imagination, and use nature and culture to establish children's aesthetic qualities.